Golf Sets for Beginners

Golf Sets for Beginners

You’ve decided to start playing golf for the first time and have booked your first golf lesson at the local driving range. Before your first lesson the most important thing to do More »

Why Playing Sports Is Important

Why Playing Sports Is Important

Children, middle aged, and older people do need physical fitness. It is a known fact that playing sports does give health benefits and prevent us from serious illnesses. However, with the advent More »

Hydra Sport Waterski Boom Barefoot International

Hydra Sport Waterski Boom Barefoot International

The Easiest Way To Learn Wakeboarding, Water Skiing, and Barefoot Skiing Without Falling On Your Lund Boat Is on The Barefoot Boom: The World’s Best Barefoot Water Skiing Boom, Best Price, Guaranteed More »


Golf Sets for Beginners


You’ve decided to start playing golf for the first time and have booked your first golf lesson at the local driving range. Before your first lesson the most important thing to do is purchase a suitable set of golf clubs; a golf set is the most cost-effective addition to your setup at the beginning of your golf career instead of purchasing golf clubs individually and a golf bag to store and transport the clubs to and from the golf course or driving range.

Which items of golf equipment are included in a beginner’s golf set? Four types of golf club are usually included; these are known as woods, irons and putters in addition to hybrid golf clubs which is a cross between an iron and a golf wood. In the game of golf a player is allowed to carry up to 14 golf clubs in their bag in any combination. The cost of golf lessons from a professional can be expensive in addition to purchasing new golf clubs and equipment. If you’ve considered purchasing a set of used golf clubs before your first lesson be cautious. Used golf clubs can work out to be a false economy if the items arrive with worn grips, fractured shafts (graphite) or missing head-covers.

The cost of purchasing new golf clubs for beginners has fallen drastically in recent years with online retailers like The Sports HQ supplying factory direct golf equipment offering typical savings of up to 85% – compared to the traditional retail store. The Sports HQ for example manufacturers and supplies beginners golf sets in men’s, ladies and junior editions with prices starting as low as 29.99 for a junior golf set to 49.99 for a beginner’s set of adult golf clubs. New golf sets from The Sports HQ all carry a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty for extra piece of mind; each golf set is tailored for the specific requirements of the player for example lady flex shafts in graphite and stainless steel are fitted to all clubs included in the ladies golf set. The Texan Classics Junior Golf Set from The Sports HQ features junior flex shafts on all clubs including a titanium 3-wood, 7-8-iron and putter. All beginners’ golf sets include a deluxe stand bag to securely store each club to and from the golf course.

The Chicago SGS Complete Golf Sets in men’s, ladies and left-handed includes a titanium 3-wood, a 3/4 hybrid rescue club which replaces the 3 and 4 long irons, in addition to 7 cavity back titanium reinforced irons (5-6-7-8-9-PW-SW) all fitted with stainless steel shafts; the set is completed with a heel and toe balanced putter. All woods and irons included in the Chicago SGS set for beginners feature oversized club-heads for increased forgiveness on off-centre shots this also inspires confidence and motivation to continue learning and practicing.

After progressing from the driving range to your first outing to a pitch and putt or actual golf course you’ll also require a number of inexpensive golf balls for the duration of the course. All players lose the odd golf ball here and there in the beginning; the transition from driving range to golf course is a big one suddenly a number of environmental factors like wind speed and direction come into play, and for the newcomer this can translate into the occasionally lost golf ball. The addition of water and sand hazards can also play a main role in losing golf balls. There are two inexpensive solutions to replacing lost golf balls; lake balls are used golf balls which are salvaged from the bottom of vast lakes across the world and reconditioned to a Grade A standard; lake balls offer players the chance to play top brands including Titliest, Noodle and Strata at a fraction of the cost of brand new golf balls.

Why Playing Sports Is Important

Children Sport

Children, middle aged, and older people do need physical fitness. It is a known fact that playing sports does give health benefits and prevent us from serious illnesses. However, with the advent of new technology, more and more people preferred to indulge in their internal activities such as watching television for long hours, computer games, chatting, and surfing the web.

If this kind of activity goes on for a long time, there is big chance that these people are going to have many unhealthy side effects. These includes, overweight, high blood pressure and diabetes. So how are we going to correct this situation? My suggestion is to divert them to physical activities like playing sports.

One healthy benefit of playing sports is you will burn more calories and therefore avoid being overweight. Engaging in the sports that you like most gives enjoyment and fun. If you constantly play the same sports your skill improves and this means you will feel more confident and will have more enjoyment.

Aside from having fun and enjoyment from playing your favorite sports, it improves your heart condition, builds up your stamina and increases your strength. You will look more energetic and healthy. Your agility will improve for sure too.

All these translates to a more enjoyable and healthy normal life. For those who are overweight, with the combination of proper food diet, they are going to loose weight for sure. For those who have hypertension, it will help normalize their blood pressure. Their endurance and stamina will increase and their heart beat pulse recovery will improve tremendously.

Another good side effect is it gives stress relief. This is true not only for adults but also for teenagers. It is a known fact that during our teen years, we all undergone rapid changes not only from our bodies but also from our mental state. Sometimes this causes mental stress and depression. This is also true for people who lost their loved ones, or who are heart broken. Engaging in sports activities provides great relief to these people.

Truly, playing sports does gives benefits to all of us. Whether you are a child, a teenager, a man or a woman, young and old each one of us gets many healthy benefits from it. Let me just remind you that this type of activity is not for a short period only like doing a therapy for a certain ailment. This is a lifetime commitment that you must do if you want to maintain your health balance and prolong your life.

Hydra Sport Waterski Boom Barefoot International


The Easiest Way To Learn Wakeboarding, Water Skiing, and Barefoot Skiing Without Falling On Your Lund Boat Is on The Barefoot Boom:

The World’s Best Barefoot Water Skiing Boom, Best Price, Guaranteed to Fit Your Boat or I Buy It Back…”

“SMS More Info Directly to Your Phone” Text Your Name and email to +1 (863) 576-1194

If you are new to water skiing, you may not know what a barefoot boom is. But if you have ever been frustrated with trying to teach someone or learn to get up on combo skis,learn to get up on a slalom ski, a kneeboard, learn to get up wakeboarding, or even learn to barefoot, then you will want to listen closely. A barefoot boom could be your next purchase.

The barefoot boom was invented as a device to help skiers learn to barefoot water ski not long after barefooting was invented, but it has been difficult to tell who was the first to use it since so many home made versions have been made. In 1983, Mike Seiple began manufacturing booms as his trademark way of getting people to learn to barefoot water ski.

This is your opportunity to become an armchair expert and get the insider information about barefoot booms. Booms are not created equal and I will attempt to tell you what you need to look for and what myths to avoid.

Myth number 1: The lighter the boom, the better it is because it is easier to set-up and take down.

Truth about boom weight: Boom weight is determined by the construction. Lighter booms are constructed out of hollow tubing. What you want to look for is solid aircraft aluminum construction. Barefoot booms are subjected to a tremendous amount of pressure when used for teaching. The most important consideration for booms is safety and nothing short of a solid boom is acceptable. In addition, solid booms do not spring back as much when a larger or strong person slips off the boom when they fall.

Myth number 2: one cable connected to the bow is better than two.

Truth about boom cables: Safety, safety, safety. I have tested every boom on the market. When a boom cable breaks because of construction, it is a terrifying moment whether a skier is attached or not. Two stainless steel cables going from the boom all the way to the point of attachment provide maximum security and safety.

Myth number 3: quick release boom clamps with the lever and moving parts are better.

Truth about boom clamps: After testing every boom clamp on the market, the quick release clamp takes about 30 seconds to adjust while Barefoot International boom clamps takes about 15 seconds longer. My findings showed that after hundreds of adjustments, the flexing of the quick release clamp causes it to weaken because the lever and moving parts loosen.

On the other hand, Barefoot International boom clamps provide the best connection with the ski pylon with no deterioration over time.

By far the biggest consideration in a barefoot boom is safety. By getting our Barefoot International boom, you can then concentrate on learning and teaching others to ski.

Barefoot International booms are now being used to teach children and adults alike to kneeboard, combo ski, wakeboard,slalom, and barefoot.

A Barefoot International boom will last forever and you will become the go-to-guy for learning on your lake.

Lane Dawg Bowers offers free advice to anyone who wants to learn or teach others to waterski without falling:

“SMS More Info Directly to Your Phone” Text Your Name and email to +1 (863) 576-1194

Hypertension causes and risks, and how to deal with it.


Everyone seems to have heard of high blood pressure (hypertension). a chronic condition in which the blood pressure in the artery wall (vascular net) increased. This condition is known as “the silent killer” because it rarely has obvious symptoms. The only way to tell if you have hypertension is to measure blood pressure.

With age, your chances of suffering from hypertension will also increase. The following are the trigger factors which allegedly can affect an increased risk of hypertension.

1) Average age factor – average over 65 years.

2) Consuming excessive salt.

3) Being overweight.

4) Heredity (family history of hypertension).

5) Rarely exercise.

6) Less consume fruits and vegetables

7) Too much caffeine drinks.

8) Too much consuming alcohol.

The dangers of uncontrolled high blood pressure is potentially having a heart attack, stroke, or kidney disease. As described above such that hypertension is a silent killer – silent, therefore we should do regular blood pressure control.

Measurement of blood pressure in a dose per millimeter of mercury (mmHg) and recorded in two numbers, the systolic and diastolic pressures. The systolic pressure is the blood pressure when the heart beats to pump blood out. While diastolic pressure is the blood pressure when the heart does not contract (relaxation phase). Currently just blood pumped out of the heart (systolic pressure), is in the arteries and diastolic blood pressure also shows the strength of the walls of arteries resist the blood flow rate. Your blood pressure is 130 per 90 or 130/90 mmHg, then you have a systolic pressure of 130 mmHg and a diastolic pressure of 90 mmHg. Normal numbers of blood pressure is under 120/80 mmHg.

Promoting changes in lifestyle that is more organized and better able to treat hypertension as well prevention. The move can be implemented through:

1) Eating healthy foods.

2) Reduce the consumption of salt and caffeine.

3) Stop smoking.

4) Exercise regularly.

5) Lose weight, if necessary.

6) Reduce the consumption of liquor.

Prevent hypertension is easier and cheaper than treatment. Therefore, prevention should be done as early as possible. If left in place too long, hypertension can lead to complications that can even be life-threatening infected.

Animal Sports Some Weird, Some Well-known

Sports are very fun and very healthy to be practiced. But besides sports for human, animal sports are very fun too!

Animals participate in many sports, some being legal and some being not so legal. Some of the sports that animals participate in include horse racing, bullfighting, dog sledding, cock fighting, pigeon racing, and greyhound racing just to name a few. There are also the famous dog shows where dogs compete in classes by breed; some believe this to be a sport while others feel it is more of a competition.

Bullfighting has been around since the prehistoric days, and is a very popular animal sport in Spain, where it is viewed as a dramatic ritual between the bull and the matador. Besides Spain, bullfighting is also popular in Portugal, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, France, and is also quite popular in the state of California. Out of all of the bullrings in the world, Mexico City is home to the largest one of them all, which seats 55,000 spectators.

Dogsledding became an organized animal sport in Alaska in 1908, and has been increasing in popularity ever since. In dog sledding, a team of dogs pulls a sled that carries the driver, who is sometimes referred to as the musher. There are different types of dog sled races, but the teams of dogs are made up of three, six or twelve dogs. Some races are short and are considered to be sprint races, while others are considered long-range races and can cover a course consisting of 200 to 1000 miles.

As with many animal sports, there are those who believe that cock fighting should be banned due to animal cruelty. However, in some cultures cock fighting is legal and draws huge crowds, such as in Guam, Peru, Belgium, Italy, Haiti, Spain, France, Mexico, Malaysia, Puerto Rico, and the Phillipines, which have arenas built especially for cock fighting. The game birds that are used in cock fighting are not ordinary farm chickens, they are a special breed of aggressive chicken that is raised and trained to be fighters. While cock fighting may be an accepted animal sport in some countries, there are numerous places where cock fighting, and even just attending a cockfight as a spectator, is considered a felony. Many of these laws have been enacted due not only to animal cruelty issues, but also because of the gambling that is associated with cock fighting.

Pigeon racing is another animal sport that has quite a fan base. Across the United States there are over 700 different clubs catering to those who enjoy the sport of pigeon racing. Essentially, during a race, the birds are released from a location that is far from there home, and the first pigeon to make it back is the winner. The races cover much territory, and races can have the pigeons flying 100 to 600 miles as they make their way home.

There are also animal sports that are less known about like those that occur at county fairs; frog jumping contests, pig races, turtle races and the like can all be considered animal sports as they have a number of animal participants competing against one another.

Many exciting sporting spectacle online at youtube

Video tube

Video tube is form of online video. They are a foremost destination to watch and share original videos worldwide. Video tube sites are the medium of broadcasting where any one can view video clips, crash video, music video through websites, mobiles device, and blogs. All you have to do is just to log on these sites. Most of these video tube sites contains massive amount of material.

How to watch videos online?

To watch your favourite video you can log on to any Video tube website. Sign in the form and register the form as mentioned. And then you can watch or share your videos. The users who are not register can also watch videos on the site, while registered users can download unlimited number of videos. There is a restriction for the children under the age of 18 on some videos. Video tube has enhanced user function wherein one can also post video ‘responses’ and subscribe for the same.


Video tubes have started to gain popularity and many companies have started to use it as a marketing medium. Many video sites have now launched an additional feature to help cross promote videos at the end of each video.

Features of the site

You can watch any video on the website. If you have missed your favorite episode on television you can watch it on Video tube. There are many types of video available on Video tube which any user can watch.

Types of Videos available on Online Video tube sites:

Music video: – Pop, classical, international, top listed number, etc clips can be viewed.
Sports videos: – Video related to sports like swimming, diving, snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing, water polo, sailing, powerboat racing, water skiing etc are available.
Funny videos: – Videos like cartoon, Disney characters, laughter shows ect can be viewed.
Crash videos: – Videos like motor crash, airplane crash or car crash can be viewed.
Commercial clips: – Commercial clips like advertisements are available.
There are many other types of videos also available apart from the ones mentioned above

Benefits to the users

A person can watch the favorite music videos, films again and again.
Kids can enjoy funny video, or videos related to his favorite sports.
Register members can request for any video and get it download for free.
It takes few seconds to open any video.
Even the unregistered user can watch videos.
People can get information related to the video.
User can watch videos anywhere across the world.
People can capture special moments on video; Video tube is empowering them to become its broadcasters in future.


In the past 2-3 years internet video business has gained thousand numbers of registered users who surfing on online for Video clips and music downloads. Efforts are being put to broadcast many other categories to its viewers.

Companies are now entering in contract with many of the content providers such as BBC, Universal Music Group, Sony Music Group, Warner Music Group, NBA, and many more to provide a vide range of videos to its users. now to be a part of this wonderful website and take advantage of web hosting features, and you are at a liberty to watch exclusive video footages or develop one of your own.

Hole in one records and reports

Golf is a precision sport where players use various clubs to hit the ball and place it in a hole with as few strokes as possible. Compared to other ball sports, golf has flexible rules which are most of the time established by the official committee of each tournament. There are few fixed regulations, and as far as the course is concerned there are no standards related to the dimensions, slope or settlement, the only mandatory criteria is that the field must have nine or eighteen holes. Since precision is the most important characteristic of a performing player of golf, the number of strokes one makes during a game is very relevant, and there are some experienced players who have managed to make a hole in one (also called -ace-) – this means putting the ball into the final putting green from only one move. There are special clubs for those who manage to strike an ace, such as Q Golf, which offers membership for players all around the world. The chances for such a hit are very few, and besides the skills of the golfer, luck is also an important element, so needless to say that Q Golf hole-in-one club is very important if you are a passionate golf player.

Ever since golf has become a popular sport, there have been a lot of records as far as hole in ones are concerned. The concept is one of the most difficult feats a sportsman can make, because it requires hard work, precision, experience and a lot of luck. Every golfer dreams about shooting an ace and when they achieve this, they will be so happy to be part of the Q Golf hole-in-one club. However, there are only few those who manage this during their career, even if they try it for years. On the other hand, there are other golfers who succeed at an early age. For instance, the world record has been established by Jake Paine, who was only three years old when he shot his first hole in one on a 65 yard course from California. The oldest player, Harold Stilson, was 101 years old in 2001, when he managed to make an ace, on a 109 yard field. In terms of length, the longest hole in one in the history belongs to Robert Mitera and was 444 yards, and it is said that he did not even see the flag near the putting green. He found out about his success the moment he approached the green and the witnesses told him that the ball made it through the hole. e.

The record for the biggest number of hole in ones scored is owned by the American Norman Manley, who has 59 successes. Only in 1979 he managed to ace 4 strokes, which is a huge achievement taking into consideration that the chances are of 40,000 to 1. Famous golfers also managed to strike such a shot, and Tiger Woods did this for the first time at the age of six, while Michelle Wie is known to have six aces in her whole career, her first being at the age of 12.

If you want to read more about q golf or q golf hole-in-one club, please click on these links!

Advantages Of Playing Basketball

Playing team sports such basketball is one of the best ways for peopleespecially those who have big families or those who have groups of friendsto enjoy spending time with another.

It is also one of the best ways to maintain a healthy body since it can serve as a daily exercise. In fact, many people play basketball because they want to maintain an ideal weight and they want to be active.


Aside from gathering people together, many dont realize it but sports that are played by team such as basketball can bring about many advantages compared to those that are played by individuals.

Primarily, the biggest advantage would be playing team sports such as basketball is that it is more fun since it involves so many people with different personalities.

One of the major advantages of playing team sports such as basketball include is that it helps people develop their social skills. Since most of the team sports encourage people to interact and get along with other members while playing the game, playing basketball helps each individual to develop good social skills to win the respective game. It is also one way of learning how to properly mingle with other people and respecting their individual personalities.

Aside from improving the social interaction of people, playing basketball also helps instill the value of unity and cooperation. One of the major advantages of team sports such is that is teaches each member the value of being one while playing the sport. Since everybody wants to win, all members will be forced to cooperate with one another to achieve a common goal of winning.

Playing basketball also helps improve the persons overall skill levels. As a team, the members are expected to rely on one another performances. When playing basketball, there is a possibility that the overall performance of the group will improve once they see each other desire to win.


These days, people are into more into more popular weight loss means such as indulging into weight loss diets. Little do they know that a simple sport such as basketball can do all the work in keeping healthy and fit body.

One thing that sets playing basketball apart from weight loss plans and diets out there is that it promotes and encourages versatility since playing basketball can be played alone for a practice or with a team.

One good thing about playing basketball is that it aids good lung and heart conditions. Experts say that basketball helps increase oxygen that can be found in the body, hence, it makes people have better lung and heart function.

It also enables good utilization of oxygen as well making the persons heart use oxygen supply more efficiently. If played regularly, basketball can help people prevent and even cure illnesses of the heart.

Aside from conditioning the heart and lungs, playing basketball can also help control the bodys fat along with proper diet and strength training, increase the bodys resistance to fatigue resulting to the supply of extra energy, helps achieve toned muscles and could increase a persons body mass, prevents stress, vital to good sleep and can generally the persons stamina.

Channel 9 – Sports For Men

In the year 2009, C More Entertainment launched the Danish channel, Channel 9. It focuses on catering to the male viewers in the country and has content suited for them. As per recent content reports, Channel 9 offers its viewers a whole lot of sports as well as movies, dramas and other entertainment. In 2011 however, the channel underwent a major trimming in its content size and became more oriented towards football and other sports and since then has declared itself as a football channel culminating in its new motto – Denmarks football channel – we live football. However, the channel does broadcast a few selected sports in the country. The present article focuses on a few of these sports broadcasted by Channel 9.


Denmark is a country whose people love football. Accordingly, Channel 9 has done its bit to satisfy the demand of its viewers for a lot of football. Danish SuperLiga is a club level championship of football that is broadcasted by the channel which sees the competition between twelve teams to hold aloft the winners trophy. The championship is among the few sporting events around the world that see great attendance in stadiums as well as a high viewership on TV for which Channel 9 is the exclusive broadcaster.

The Channel also broadcasts other European domestic football tournaments such as the competitive Spanish competition, La Liga, one of the most renowned leagues in the world for football in which two of the current best players are, Portugals Christiano Ronaldo plays for Real Madrid and the Argentinean Lionel Messi plays for Barcelona. The Copa del Ray is another famous Spanish league for which viewership is quite strong. The Italian football competition, Serie A is another regular on the channel. From across the English Channel, matches from the Championship are also broadcasted. Come summer this year, Denmark will also get to watch the UEFA Europa League on their favorite sports channel, Channel 9.


Wrestling is said to be a sport for men but in recent years, women too have been interested to watch the sport. Wrestling is a sport for the strong. One of the most favored wrestling themes for fighters and audiences alike has been martial arts. With many Hollywood movies extolling martial arts practitioners, many consider a martial artist the ultimate fighter. However, in recent years many have tried combining various forms of fighting styles to give the world the technique of mixed martial arts. The Ultimate Fighting Championship is very popular among Danish viewers especially with the involvement of countryman Martin Kampmann. Ultimate fighter is another program aired for 60 minutes on the channel.

Poker is a highly popular game among the men in Denmark. It probably doesnt qualify as a sport but that does not contest its popularity. High Stakes Poker is a TV game show that has seen great support from the country. It involves games of poker between participants with stakes that are really very high – even up to $ 1million in a single game!
Speak to your digital TV service provider for subscribing to the contents of Channel 9.

Benefits Of Playing Racquet Sports

Tennis, Crush and Badminton are some examples of the most well liked racquet sports. These games come across as one of the choices that many people have when referring to selecting sports. Hence what makes these racquet games so special? Well, they have certain endowments and offer benefits that many other sports don’t. Take a look.

Racquet sports in general, require a certain degree of talent. So, not everyone can hope to conquer the game. They are also instructional in a number of ways and help you upgrade yourself as you play.

While most sports are nearly the body, racquet sports are commonly about the mind too. Quite frequently, a good methodology is needed to win the game rather than physical strength. It isn’t atypical to see a smarter player win the game despite physical delinquencies. If you are trying to stop smoking, playing these sports could be a great help. The reason behind the same is that these games involve your consciousness and deviate your attention.

There are a considerable number of health advantages of playing racquet sports. These sports not only look into your fitness and health, they improve your immune system too. They make you stronger by strengthening your muscles. Hence all the back trouble sufferers must go for these sports to avoid back trouble.

However, such sports are not just about physical or mental well-being. They also help you to get that much required adrenalin rush. Additionally, you are sure to enjoy yourself while playing racquet games with your children and friends. And, even if you’ve got to slow down a bit while playing badminton with your youngsters, you’ll be adding a great deal to your overall skill set nonetheless.

It’s not at all difficult to begin playing racquet sports ; you only need another partner to start the game. Maximum 4 folks can play at a time. It is unlike the team games where you want an entire team to get the game started. Without some folk you would not enjoy a team game.

Affordability is another hallmark of racquet sports. You are not needed to spend a lot for them and racquets, shuttle cocks or sports shoes are all typically available and cost-effective. Thus, you do not have to blow your budget to engage in these types of activities.

The above mentioned are just some of the benefits of the racquet sports. There are a lot more only if you would like to experience them. So, get set for these games.

Review on the Fail-proof Sport Betting System

Hello everyone,

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Afterglow – Biorhythm Sports Supplements

What is Afterglow and what does it do?

Afterglow is the flagship sports supplement from BioRhythm Nutrition. It comes in a choice of three delicious flavours and two sizes, a 16 and a 32 serving size tub. To take it you mix 2 scoops in water immediately following a workout.

Afterglow is a best of breed, high function, exercise recovery supplement. After exercise the body is in a state of breaking muscle tissue down and its energy reserves within muscle tissue and the liver are very much reduced. Afterglow rapidly gets you out of this position by flooding the body with nutrients that trigger the repair and rebuild mechanisms within the body. Furthermore it supplies nutrients to restore the energy levels in your muscle tissue.

How important is a recovery supplement, and will I notice anything using Afterglow?

The single most important supplement you’ll ever use is a recovery supplement. If you’ve never used one before, you’ll be amazed at how much difference it makes to your feelings of energy after training.

Within a couple of weeks of using Afterglow you should notice significant steps forward in your progress, both in performance and in changes in your physique. You will probably make faster progress than you’ve made since the early days of your training.

How does Afterglow work?

During resistance exercise the body uses muscle and liver glycogen as its primary energy stores. Within a short time frame, this energy store starts to deplete and you start to produce certain hormones that begin to break down muscle tissue to free amino acids to generate more energy.

After exercise this process, called catabolism, continues and will persist for several hours. In fact it will continue until sufficient nutrients are available to reverse this activity.

Immediately after training, the body also produces high levels of an enzyme called glycogen synthaise which enables large levels of nutrients to be transported into muscle and liver cells. After 2 hours these levels start to fall, and at the 4 hour point are pretty much back to normal.

By ingesting carbohydrates and proteins, the glycogen synthaise will help shuttle high levels of these nutrients into muscle and liver cells.

Now the problem arises because even if you eat a well balanced solid food meal immediately after training, it can take 2 hours for this to get into your blood stream, and the reality is that it will probably take you at least an hour to get a solid food meal anyway, taking it to at least 3 hours before you get vital nutrients into your blood stream.

Afterglow contains a substantial level of simple carbohydrates and rapidly absorbed proteins. These nutrients are so easy to absorb that within 20 minutes of drinking Afterglow, the nutrients are within the bloodstream.

This means that nutrients are made available far more rapidly and you exit the catabolic state far sooner.

Furthermore, you can follow Afterglow 90-120 minutes later with a solid food meal which will still hit your bloodstream whilst glycogen synthaise levels are elevated.

Studies on this type of eating and supplementation pattern have shown that it is possible to get the same amount of nutrients into the body in 4 hours as would take up to 48 hours to achieve with normal eating patterns. Now that’s a staggering difference, and it makes a staggering difference in the amount of muscle tissue you can build !

How long do I need to use Afterglow, should I cycle it, and how do I use it?

Afterglow is designed for long term usage, but for use only after a workout. For most people, who do resistance training 3-4 times per week, you would simply use it after each workout, so you’d use 3-4 servings per week. There is no need to ‘come off’ Afterglow as all the ingredients are nutrients that can be used in the diet long term.

Afterglow is designed at 2 scoops per serving, which provides a measured dose of protein and carbohydrates ideal to restore anabolic process in the body and to prime your hormonal system for a carbohydrate and protein rich meal 90-120 minutes later.

Therefore, the ideal way to use Afterglow is to take 2 scoops in water immediately after your workout (within 10 minutes is ideal) and then 90-120 minutes later follow it with about 25% of your daily carbohydrates and about 15-20% of your daily carbohydrates. This ensures maximum carbohydrate storage in muscle tissue and a maximum level of muscle repair and growth.

For athletes that follow mixed training programs, ie a mix of cardio and resistance training, it is most important to use it following your resistance training. If you do several hours training a day, then you can use up to 2 servings in a day.

For athletes that are well above average size, you can take a larger serving size. However, be aware that the temptation to use a double sized serving to increase the protein content is likely to impair its effectiveness and not increase it, as an excess may detract from your ability to rapidly absorb the nutrients and may reduce your desire to eat a further meal 90-120 minutes later, so increase portion size with care.

If you follow a typical athletes 6 meals a day plan, then Afterglow would not class as one of your daily meals. Its too low in calories and doesn’t contain the balance of nutrients an athletes meal would require.

There are a lot of post workout and recovery drinks on the market, in fact I’ve been told to just eat a couple of bananas. What’s right and why is Afterglow different to any of the other hundreds of recovery products I could buy?

The initial research into exercise recovery showed the importance carbohydrates play in the process. This is because resistance training severely depletes muscle and liver glycogen and whilst these levels remain suppressed you stay in a catabolic state with the 2 main anabolic hormones (insulin and testosterone) being significantly lower than normal.

Once you eat sufficient carbohydrates to restore liver glycogen, the body starts to trigger a rise in insulin and testosterone, enabling muscle repair and growth to start.

Recent studies, and lots of them, have concluded that adding protein to the mix, in the right ratio, not only increases muscle and liver glycogen storage, but also provides the raw materials (amino acids from protein) the body needs to repair and build muscle tissue.

So clearly Afterglow, and in fact any other recovery drink with a mix of carbs and protein, will massively outperform a carbohydrate only snack. So sorry, but no, a banana will not do the trick.

Afterglow goes far further than this. It has the most comprehensive list of added nutrients, all at optimal effective levels, of any recovery product on the market. It contains ingredients such as PS which reduces cortisol (a catabolic hormone) as well as containing ingredients that increase protein uptake, accelerate glycogen storage, increase cell water storage, increase energy levels and support muscle cell volume.

Not only that, but Afterglow tastes fantastic. Its so easy to take after a workout, you’ll really look forward to using it!

Is there anything I should be doing to get the most out of using Afterglow?

Afterglow will enhance recovery well beyond your normal levels. This means that you recover faster, you can train harder, and you can build more muscle tissue. To make this deliver real world results for you there are a few factors you can focus on.

Follow a good athletes diet, as outlined elsewhere on our site, that consists of 6 meals a day 7 days a week, with a good balance of proteins and carbohydrates at each meal.

Make sure to train consistently and progressively. Each workout should be a little bit more demanding than the last by either increasing the weight by the smallest amount or adding 1 rep to your maximum set.

Ensure you take Afterglow into the gym with you in a shaker at every workout. Add water straight after your workout and drink it immediately – even before you hit the shower. Treat it as the last exercise in your workout.

Other than that, Afterglow is an easy to use supplement and not much will detract from its effectiveness, so there is little you need to concern yourself with when using it.

I already use a protein drink, can’t I just use this after my workout instead. I use a whey isolate, surely this is all recovery drinks use?

Yes, you can use a whey protein as a recovery drink, which is far better than doing nothing. However its only a fraction of what you need to do. Much of the protein is broken down into carbohydrates to provide energy for the liver, so the amount of protein available for repair and building is tiny compared to the amount taken.

Carbohydrates are the highest priority after training – not protein. Afterglow gets the right balance between carbs and protein for maximum recovery.

The protein source used in Afterglow is a premium grade whey. Not only does it use whey isolate, which is rapidly absorbed, but it also contains a form of broken down whey protein, where the protein exists in small clusters of amino acids. These can be absorbed, in the right circumstances, even faster than whey isolate.

There are so many other factors related to recovery that are not appropriate to include in a general purpose protein powder, that no protein powder can compare to Afterglow as a recovery supplement. Similarly though, Afterglow cannot be used as a general purpose protein powder.

The Sport of Motocross

One of the most popular motorcycling sports of all times, motocross started as a kind of all-terrain racing event that took place on off-road circuits, muddy, hilly, slushy or rocky routes and sharp turns. The sport had its origin in the early part of the twentieth century in Great Britain. It was then famous as Scrambles and slowly gained popularity among many European nations in the 1920s and 30s. Motocross was the term that came later and was derived from the combination of the French word motocyclette meaning motorcycle and cross-country.

Since the first off-road event in 1924 in Camberly, Surrey motocross has become quite a rage with motorcycling fanatics and this fad continues till date. Motocross racing comprises forty riders who compete on a particular track simultaneously. Usually, a professional race lasts for at least half an hour. However, amateur motocross races are usually only thirty minutes long.

The machines used in motocross racing are lighter than regular motorcycles. While motocross championships in the 1950s started with 500cc engines, 250cc engines were introduced in 1957, and the even lighter 125cc category in 1975.

The sport of motocross requires extreme grit and physical fitness of the rider. Add to that the thirst for adventure, and you have the perfect motorcycling enthusiast. Racing on uneven surfaces that could entail high jumps and heavy bumps is not everyones cup of tea. A motocross rider, therefore, must be willing to face the worst case scenario if he or she wants to race and compete.

Since such perils lie ahead of the rider, the gear that he or she must wear is of critical importance. Protective helmet, boots, pants, jersey, knee guards, gloves, chest protectors, and sunglasses form the attire of a motocross rider.

A race of motocross generally comprises 2 “motos”, each being five to eight laps long. The count of each rider in each moto helps determine the winner. The rider to reach the finish line first scores the highest number of points.

Technology has also had strong influence on the sport of motocross. Advances in motorcycling techniques and engines have enhanced racing and the machines being used. While motocross racing began with four-stroke engines, two-stroke ones finally paved the way for more powerful and efficient racing bikes to enter the motocross scenario. Along the years, even more enhanced features such as water-cooling systems and mono-shock absorbers were added, giving motocross an even greater thrust.

The sport of motocross gained popularity across Europe, where it had originated, during the 1950s. In the decades to follow it crossed international waters and became one of the best-loved motorcycling sports in the United States as well. Australia and New Zealand are the other countries where motocross is a rage among motorcycling enthusiasts of all ages.

This transformation in the sports history was also marked by the shift in Belgian, British, Swedish and Czechoslovakian dominance to American positions at the races. Another significant advance in motocross world was the entry of Japanese motorcycle manufacturers into a sphere ruled by European companies so far. All these transformations and enhancements in motocross history have been instrumental in creating a sport that is international in stature and wildly loved throughout the world.